North Face Farm:  Pasture Raised Lamb

If you are interested in some delicious lamb please email me or call me. I only sell by the animal, which is anywhere from 30-70 lbs of meat. We match the animals to the amount of meat you want as best we can. You can have the lamb cut to your liking. If an entire lamb is more than you can handle, consider going in with a friend and splitting it. The lambs go to the butcher in the fall, at about 8 months old (over 100 lbs).

Our sheep are raised on pasture for as much of the year as possible in New England. During the winter we feed hay, and some grain to the ewes in late pregnancy. We use no hormones, and only use antibiotics if needed to treat a sick animal. In the photo on the right some ewes are grazing the field surrounding the town historical society building. Note the mowed section in the background. This was pasture they had already finished grazing. Once one area is finished, we move the portable electric netting to a new area for them to graze. We never actually finished the last section as a major ice storm was coming so we needed to bring them home. We were able to keep them there into December, fat and happy on the forage available. We always supply a free choice salt and mineral mix to ensure a balanced ration.

Time to bring them home. The trailer is small so generally it takes a few trips to get everyone home. Here Cato is gathering the next set to bring out of the paddock and load on the trailer. The llama, whose job is guarding the sheep from coyotes and dogs, watches carefully. He knows this dog well and trusts him. However it is not in the nature of llamas to be entirely casual about any dog.