North Face Farm:  Working BCs

The dogs do all the work around here. They hold the sheep while net fence is moved, move the sheep to the new paddocks, load the trailer, and put them in pens and through the chutes for us to worm. Sometimes I need to sort out and remove certain sheep while they are pastured off the farm. Despite no handling equipment I can still sort out individual animals with a good dog.

The dogs here are primarily for our own farm use and sheepdog trials. Occasionally we have a litter. Sometimes I'll have a started dog for sale.

I started working sheep with my old Belgian Shepherd Sundog. He was a great fellow, and tremendous in pens and working ewes with lambs. My next dog was Cato, a Border Collie pup I bought from Carol Campion of Bittersweet Farm. Cato worked through years of ignorant training and handling as I gradually learned what he already knew.

Photo of Rhyme © Kinloch Sheepdogs